Rava idli with Thakkali Gotsu is the perfect combination and can be easily made with available ingredients in your kitchen. Being a working mom, i had always preferred to do this as it is very quick , simple and pretty easy.

In my current blog, i would like to share with you the easiest breakfast combo recipe of Rava idli and tomato Gotsu. This is popularly called as thakkali gotsu in South India

This is one my favorite breakfast combo that i had tried when i was the beginner. If you are a beginner, this recipe is something that you must try this amazingly simple recipe.

Rava idli with Thakkali gotsu

How to make Rava idli with Thakkali Gotsu

Thakkali Gotsu is a delicious accompaniment for variety of breakfasts like idli, dosa and  pongal. if you love tangy curries, this is the right recipe for you.  This can also be stored for couple of days and used with the breakfast.  Thakkali gotsu needs very basic ingredients that we use in the regular cooking.

Pre-Preparation Requirements for Rava idli with Thakkali Gotsu

You need very basic utensils or kitchen tools for this recipe. You must always practice to keep all your utensils ready and in reach while cooking so that its makes your cooking faster and easy.


Idli Maker (Microwave Safe or Other)

Chopping board


2 Bowls

Frying Pan for preparing tomato gotsu

Spoons or Spatula for mixing the ingredients


20 Minutes – Rava Idli 

5 Minutes – Tomato Gotsu


15-20 Minutes


5 minutes in a microwave for idli

15 Minutes – Tomato Gotsu

Ingredients used in Recipe of Rava idli with Thakkali Gotsu

The tangy Tomato curry and rava idli can be easily made with the ingredients available at home. Though we must  be having all the ingredients at home, it is important to know the ingredients. This will help you complete tomato curry and then rava idli or vice versa in order without switching between recipes.

Rava idli with thakkali gotsu


Roasted Rava (Semolina) – 1 Cup 

Curd – ½ Cup

Water – 1 Cup

Salt – According to taste

1 Sachet Eno Fruit Salt – Lemon Flavour or Plain


1 Pinch of Hing or Asafoetida powder

Cumin Seeds – 1/2 teaspoon

5-6 Curry Leaves

Vegetable Oil – 2 Tablespoons

Mustard Seeds – ½ teaspoon

Chilli powder – 1 teaspoon

Coriander powder – 2 teaspoons

Water – 3 Cups

Turmeric powder – 1/2 teaspoon

Green Chillis -2 

Onions – large sized 1

Tomato – medium sized 2

Salt to taste

Complete Procedure of Delicious Recipe of Rava idli with Thakkali Gotsu

Since its a very simple and easy recipe, you will be able to make this delicious breakfast combo in no time.  Let us now get started with simple step by step simple procedure of the thakkali gotsu for rava idli.

How to make the recipe of Thakkali Gotsu

First let us get started with Tomato Gotsu. Please follow these simple steps for the super quick and easy recipe to get yummy and tangy accompaniment for rava idli

Clean the vegetables and Cut the vegetables with Chopping board

Add  2 small tomatoes, 2 green chillis and one large sized onion in the large bowl. 

Rinse it with two cups of water to clean the vegetables.  

Once you clean the vegetables well. Take a vegetable chopping board.

Cut all the tomatoes, onion into small prices. Slit the green chilies and keep it aside. 

Rava idli with thakkali gotsu

Heat the oil for tadka

In a small pan heat about one tablespoon of oil. Keep the flame on medium.

I used Light Oilve Oil. However, Coconut oil and groundnut oil are also some good options. In case you have none of these, use some refined oil or ghee (clarified butter).

Keeping the flame on medium heat

Rava idli with thakkali gotsu

Adding rest of the tempering ingredients to the pan

Add mustard seeds once the oil is hot enough. Let the mustard seeds crackle.

Once the seeds have crackled, quickly add 5-6 curry leaves, green chillis and a pinch of asafoetida into the oil. Remember, the flame is still on medium heat.

Increasing the flame can cause the tempering or tadka to burn. After the above step, add 1/2 teaspoon of cumin seeds

Cook the mixture in the pan for about half a minute while constantly stirring it.

Rava idli with thakkali gotsu

Add the cut vegetables to the frying pan

First add cut onions and saute well in the frying pain. After onion becomes  transparent , add tomatoes and saute.

Make sure all through the process the stove is on medium flame to avoid burning.

Rava idli with thakkali gotsu

Cook the Vegetables for 5 mins with closed lid

Saute them well with the tempered ingredients. Also add salt and closed the lid for five minutes.  This enables the vegetables to cook faster.

Rava idli with thakkali gotsu

Add spices and salt to the sauteed vegetables

Take 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric, 1 teaspoon of coriander and 1/2 teaspoon chilli powder to  the vegetables. Mix the vegetables well so that the vegetables are coated well with added spices. 

Rava idli with thakkali gotsu

Adjust the Tomato Gotsu consistency with water and cook for ten mins

You can add 1/2 cup of water to adjust the consistency of the Tomato Gotsu.

Once you add  and mix all the ingredients well, You must leave the tomato gotsu boil well for ten minutes.

You dont have to close the lid while the tomato gotsu is cooking 

Rava idli with thakkali gotsu

Garnish the Tomato Gotsu with coriander leaves

Now the tomato gotsu is ready with the right spiciness. Its time to turn off the stove.  Chop the coriander leaves and spread it on the tomato gotsu to get wonderful aroma.

Rava idli with thakkali gotsu

How to make Rava idli

Please follow these simple steps for the super quick recipe to get soft and spongy rava idlis

First of all, transfer Rava or Semolina into a bowl

Take a big bowl and transfer one cup of the roasted rava into the big bowl.

In case you don’t have roasted rava, use normal rava and dry roast it over medium flame till it is slightly golden. Cool the rava and then transfer it into a bowl.

Transfer Rava or Semolina into a bowl

Make a batter with curd, water, and Rava (semolina or sooji)

Into the bowl of rava, add half a cup of curd. Mix them together using a spoon.

Once it is mixed properly, add about half a cup of water to the bowl and make it into a thick paste. Make sure that your batter is completely lump-free.

Set this aside and prepare tempering or tadka for the batter.

Make a batter with curd, water and Rava (semolina or sooji)

Add a little water to the existing batter

Add a little water to the existing rava idli batter. You don’t have to mush it up. Just a little quantity will do. Once water is added, whisk it a little with a spoon or a whisker. 

Podi rava idli recipe

Let the Rava idli batter rest for some time

After mixing all the ingredients, cover the bowl with a lid. Let the batter rest for 15-20 minutes.

The rava tends to absorb water and therefore, resting is very important. It also helps the batter to ferment naturally.

After the batter is rested, check its consistency. The rava tends to absorb a lot of water and the batter tends to become thicker.

Add 1-2 tablespoons of water at a time to get to the right consistency. The consistency of the batter should be similar to a cake batter. It should neither be too flowy nor too chunky.

rava podi idli recipe

Grease Idli Moulds

While the batter is resting, prepare your idli moulds to stand. I have used a microwave-safe idli maker. You can use the metal idli stands as well.

Take some oil in your fingers and grease the insides of the idli moulds. The oil will prevent the batter from sticking to the mould.

While I used olive oil to grease the moulds, you can also use ghee to grease them.

rava podi idli recipe

To the batter add Eno Fruit Salt & Whisk gently

Add a sachet of Eno fruit Salt to the rava idly batter. Quickly mix the Eno fruit salt with batter. You will notice bubbles in the batter.

Do not over mix the batter. If you do so, the air bubbles will escape and the idlis will turn out to be hard.

I am using the Lemon Flavoured Eno fruit salt. You can also use plain Eno Fruit salt as well.

Check the consistency of the batter
Allow the batter to fluff up

Allow the batter to fluff up for about ten seconds. Mix it gently and see bubbles forming. This is when you know that you don’t have to mix anymore.

fluffy rava idli podi batter

Pour the batter into the moulds

Once you have added the Eno fruit salt, you need to work quickly.

Take the batter and pour them into the idli moulds. While filling the moulds, make sure you keep a little space for the idlis to rise.

pour the batter into moulds

Fill water into idli maker or cooker or pan

Fill the cooker or container with some water. The water in the pan/ container/ cooker is to be filled in a way that the water does not touch the moulds directly.

fill water into idli maker

Place the idli stands in the cooker or container or pan

Carefully place the batter filled idli stands into the cooker/ container. If you are cooking it on the flame, you can use either use a cooker or a big pan to place the idli stands.

rava podi idli into moulds

Add the Idli Maker to the Microwave

Cover the container containing the filled idli stand with a lid. Covering the container is important as it helps prevent the steam from escaping.

rava podi idli

Set the timing at 5 minutes

For microwave cooking, set the timer at 5:00 for every batch.

rava podi idli

Remove the container from Microwave

Once the time is up, remove the idli maker from the microwave. In case you are cooking on the flame, switch off the gas.

Let the container cool for a minute or two before opening the lid.

rava podi idli
Remove the idlis and Serve the delicious tomato gotsu with rava idli

Remove the idli stand from the container carefully and let the idlis cool down a little.

Now, carefully using your fingers, slide the idlis out of the moulds and transfer them into a bowl.

Remove the idlis onto a plate and serve these delicious idlis with tomato gotsu. You can add is as a snack or for breakfast. By the way, you can go one step further and transform your rava idlis into Podi idlis as well.

Essential tips for fault free recipe of Rava idli with Thakkali Gotsu

Even for the simple recipes, it is important to know the essential tips for hassle free cooking. I am sharing some of the important tips i always follow to have a wonderful cooking experience

1. Keep all the ingredients ready 

Before you start cooking, keep all the ingredients in one place. This makes cooking more efficient and you won’t forget.

2. Prepare tempering on medium flame

Always prepare the tempering for the tomato gotsu on a medium flame. If you keep it at a high flame, the tempering will burn and give your tomato gotsu a bitter taste.

3. Add Asofoetida to the tempering

Asofoetida is an important spice in indian recipes. It aids digestion , adds flavor to the food and beneficial for the health too.

4. Curry leaves important in tempering

Curry leaves is an important ingredient in tempering which helps in giving good aroma. It also has many health benefits. Most of our Indian dishes are tempered using curry leaves for the same reason. 

5. Garnish with Coriander leaves 

Once all the process is done in making a sambhar, garnish it with coriander leaves. Aroma from coriander leaves is so good and also helps in the digestion. Many of the indian dishes uses curry leaves and coriander leaves for aroma and health benefits.

6.Substitute for Eno Fruit Salt

In case you do not have ENO fruit salt, don’t worry. You can get good results by letting the batter ferment for about three to four hours. You can also use half a teaspoon of baking soda in place of Eno fruit salt.

7. Use thick curd

Curd can be thick or watery. If you have watery curd, use less water for the batter. If you have thick curd, use more water for the batter.

8. Remove all lumps from batter

If your batter has turned out to be lumpy, make sure you remove all the lumps using a whisk. If you do not have a whisk, use a spoon or fork to remove the lumps.

9. Do not overfill the idli moulds

Make sure that you do not fill the idli mould to the brim. After steaming, the idlis will rise, so, make sure you leave a little space for them to rise. Ideally, you should fill a little over three fourth of the idli mould.

10. Be watchful of the timer

When using a microwave for making Rava idlis, be very mindful of the timer. Do not overcook the idlis or they will get hard.

11. Remove the idlis carefully

Once the rava idli is cooked, don’t remove it from the mould instantly. If you try that, the rava idlis may break. Leave it for a minute or two before removing them from the moulds. If you have difficulty removing the idlis, use a sharp object to loosen it from the edges of the idli mould.

i had wonderful experience teaching you this recipe. You must have had a wonderful experience learning the easy recipes of tomato gotsu and rava idli. Please feel free to ask questions and add your comments in the section below