Is Modak Steamed?. This is a common question many of us have. Modak can be made steamed and also fried. Steamed Modak is a super easy recipe to make and needs very few ingredients yet a delicious recipe. It is a steamed rice sweet snack made with coconut and jaggery stuffing.

In my current blog, I would like to share the easy and quick recipe of the Modak. Getting the rice dough in the right consistency and making the perfect stuffing for the modak. These are the two key things to be mastered in this recipe.

Modakam is very commonly made sweet for Ganesh Chathurthi. It is called Modak in North India, Modakam in Tamil Nadu, and Kudumulu in Andhra and Telangana. 

Is Modak Steamed?

How to make Steamed Modak Recipe

Modak can be done with many variations in the stuffing. You will see the most commonly made Modak in every Indian kitchen. You can also make the Modak in different shapes and sizes to make them more appealing. 

Time and utensils required for Steamed Modak Recipe

Let us understand all the different utensils for making the Modak recipe. It is also important to know the time takes for the complete recipe.  This will help you will understand how simple the recipe is.


Idli Steamer

Vessel to make the dough

Mixer to grind the stuffing


25 Minutes

TIME to make the dough and Modaks

15 minutes – rice flour and water

Cooking time for Modaks


Ingredients for Steamed Modak Recipe

All the ingredients for Modak will be available in most of the Indian kitchens. You must know what are the ingredients used for Modak. So that you don’t have run around looking for the ingredients and to have a pleasant cooking experience

Is Modak Steamed


rice flour- 1 cup

1 cup shredded coconut

1 cup – Jaggery

Cardamom Pods – 4 or 5 

2 tablespoons sesame seeds

Hot water to make the dough

Complete procedure for Steamed Modak Recipe

Until you know the procedure of making the Modak, it feels like a difficult task. But it is a very simple, easy, and quick recipe anyone can make in no time.  Let us get started with a simple step by step procedure for easy understanding. I am sure you will love the recipe.

1. Place the frying pan.  on the stove

Place the frying pan on the stove and keep it on a medium flame. Ensure the flame is not high as it will burn the ingredients. 

Is Modak Steamed

2. Roast the sesame seeds until light brown

When the pan is hot enough, you must now add one tablespoon of sesame seeds. Now fry the sesame seeds until they become light brown. 

Is Modak Steamed

3. Cool the sesame seeds once roasted

Let the sesame seeds cool down on its own before we use it for further processing. 

Is Modak Steamed

4.Add the cardamom pods to the mixer jar

You must now take a Mixer jar and add ingredients one by one to make the stuffing for the modak. Firstly add five cardamom pods to the Mixer jar.

Is Modak Steamed

5.Add roasted sesame seeds to the mixer jar

Now you must add the slightly roasted sesame seeds to the Mixer jar

Is Modak Steamed

6.Add chopped fresh coconut

Then take a cup of chopped fresh coconut. Add the chopped fresh coconut as well to the mixer jar.

Is Modak Steamed

7.Add jaggery to the jar

Finally, you must add one cup of Jaggery to the mixer Jar.

Is Modak Steamed

8.Grind all ingredients to make the stuffing

You must now grind them all together to get aromatic and delicious wet coconut jaggery stuffing, So now the stuffing of the Modak is done. You are done with one of the two important parts of the recipe.

Is Modak Steamed

9.Add hot water to the rice flour

Take a cup of rice flour in a large bowl. Now you must slowly add hot water to the flour and constantly mix the flour to make the rice dough.

Is Modak Steamed

10.Add salt to taste

You must now add salt to taste while mixing the dough.

Is Modak Steamed

11.Mix rice flour well to make a nice dough

It should be in the consistency of the roti or chapati dough. Make sure to add the right amount of water to avoid the dough becoming sticky.

Is Modak Steamed

12.Take the Modak moulds and apply oil to the modak

There are many Modak moulds that are available in the market in different shapes. You could use one of them. Apply oil inside of the mould so that the dough doesn’t stick to the moulds. It can be easily removed the moulds.

Is Modak Steamed

13.Place the dough in the mould with the stuffing and close the mould tight

Take the dough and press it on the moulds. You must then place the coconut stuffing inside. Close the mould tight si that the dough forms the shape of the modak.

Is Modak Steamed

14. Remove the modak from the mould

Now Remove the Modak from the mould and keep them aside.

Is Modak Steamed

15. Make the modaks from the remaining dough

You can repeat the same for the rest of the rice dough to make many modaks.

Is Modak Steamed

16. Add water to the cooker

Once you have the modaks ready. I must now steam the Modaks in the steamer or cooker. You can use an idli cooker to steam them easily. Add enough water to the cooker.

Is Modak Steamed

17.Place the modaks on the plate

Place all the modaks one by one on the idli plates in the idli cooker. 

Is Modak Steamed

18.Close the cooker and steam cook the modak for ten minutes

Close the cooker lid and then steam cook the Modaks for ten minutes.

Is Modak Steamed

19.Transfer the modak the plate

Now transfer the steam cooked Modaks to the plate. 

Is Modak Steamed

20.Serve delicious Modaks

Tasty and Delicious Modaks are ready to serve. You must also try the Kabbari Boorelu recipe, another interesting sweet recipe made with similar ingredients. 

Is Modak Steamed

Essential Tips for Steamed Modak Recipe

It is very important to follow some key tips while cooking. It will help you make a flawless dish and also gives a wonderful cooking experience.

Consistency of Rice Dough

You must add hot water slowly to the rice flour and mix it until the dough is of the roti dough consistency. Do not add excess water as the dough becomes soggy and sticky.

Grease the Modak Moulds

You must grease the moulds with oil. This is to ensure that the dough does not stick to the moulds and comes off easily in the shape of the mould.

Use Idli Cooker to Steam the Modaks

You can use the idli cooker to steam the Modaks. This way you can place the Modaks in the idli plate for easy steaming. 

Use Moulds to make Modaks

You can make the Modak moulds with the hands, However, using the moulds makes the job much easier. You can purchase some moulds available in the market.

Roast the Sesame Seeds in Medium Heat

You must ensure to keep the flame in medium heat while roasting the sesame seeds. Otherwise, it will burn the sesame seeds and make the stuffing bitter.

I hope you had a lovely experience learning the recipe of Modak. Please try the recipe and share your experiences about the recipe in the comment section below. I will be happy to know