Stuffed Egg idli is the recipe something I tried after thinking of best ways to add proteins to the family breakfast. Eggs are very essential part of your diet. It is very good source of proteins and raise the good cholesterol. 

My family is so fond of egg stuffed idli as breakfast as it is a filling meal and also nutritious. In my current blog, I would like to share the recipe of making egg burji or the scrambled eggs and stuffed idli. I am sure your kids would love them.

You can make many variations of stuffing in the idli . However egg stuffed idli always stands out to be the favorite to my family. You will be amazed to see how much your family will enjoy when you try this recipe.

Stuffed Egg Idli

How do I make the Stuffed Egg Idli

I am so delighted to have come up with this recipe for my family. As I am very conscious of  giving the healthy food to my dear ones. You will find this recipe very easy and simple to prepare. This will be one of the best ways to add proteins to the breakfast in a more palatable way.

Utensils and time required to prepare the Stuffed Egg Idli

You must know the utensils and time required for preparing any dish. This way you can plan your cooking efficiently. These simple things  also helps to have a non chaotic environment in your kitchen.  


Pressure Cooker for making idlis

1 Bowl to transfer the idli batter

Chopping board


Frying pain to make the egg burji or scrambled eggs masala

Spatula for frying the ingredients


20 Minutes

COOKING TIME FOR egg burji or scrambled eggs masala 

10 minutes


10 minutes in Idli cooker

Ingredients used to prepare the Stuffed Egg idli

The recipe needs very basic  ingredients that is available in any indian kitchen. Even then it is important to have them all ready before you start the cooking to avoid running around while cooking.

Stuffed Egg Idli

QUANTITY OF INGREDIENTS for egg burji or scrambled eggs masala

Cumin Seeds – ½ teaspoon

1/2  teaspoon of Turmeric powder

Vegetable Oil – 2 Tablespoon

1 tbsp Coriander Leaves

Salt to taste

Eggs – 2 medium sized

 onion – 1 cup finely chopped

Tomato – 1 cup finely chopped

2 green chillies

Step by Step method to prepare the Stuffed Egg Idli 

Once the egg burji is prepared and kept ready, egg stuffed idli will be ready in no time. You can use the same egg burji as a side to chapati or as a stuffing for paratha or sandwich. You may reuse it this way if you prepare it in excess. Now let us now get started with the step by step procedure of the stuffed idli and also the egg burji or the scrambled eggs.

Place the Frying pan on the stove

Take a frying pan to make the scrambled egg masala and place it on the stove. Turn on the stove and keep the medium flame.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Add oil to the frying pain

Once the pan is hot, you must now add oil to the frying pan. I have used the ground nut oil , you can use any vegetable oil.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Add the cumin seeds to the oil and saute well

You must now add the cumin seeds and saute well. Maintain the flame in medium to ensure that you dont burn the eggs in the entire  cooking process.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Add Onions and Green Chilies and saute well

Once you roast the cumin seeds in oil, You must now add 1 cup of finely cut onions and saute well. After you saute the onions, it will turn translucent. Now you can add the green chillies and saute well. Since green chillies are the only ingredient for the spiciness, you can adjust the spiciness by increasing the chillie quantity.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Add Turmeric powder and Salt to the onions

Now add the tumeric and the salt to the onions and saute well . So that the onions are coated well with the turmeric and the salt.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Break two eggs into the frying pan and scramble it

Take two eggs and break them to the frying pan and let it cook for few minutes. Now you can use the spatula to scramble the eggs.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Add tomatoes to the scrambled egg mixture

At this stage, you can add one cup of finely cut tomatoes to the scrambled eggs and saute well. Cook for few mins until the tomatoes softens and get blended well with the scrambled eggs.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Add Coriander leaves and mix well

Finally add the coriander leaves to the scrambled egg masala and saute a little. Mix well to the scrambled eggs. Coriander leaves imparts such an aromatic flavor to the egg stuffing masala and is so inviting.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Take the rice idli batter to a bowl

You must now transfer the  batter into a bowl and keep it aside. You can also add to adjust the consistency of the batter while adding the water if the batter is thick.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Add 1 cup of water to the idli cooker

Take the idli cooker and add one cup of water and place the idli cooker on the stove.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Grease the stainless steel Idli Moulds

Its important to grease the idli moulds so that the idli will slid off easily from the moulds. You may use ghee or oil in the moulds and spread it well. 

Stuffed Egg Idli

Fill half the mould with idli batter

You must now fill the idli moulds with idli batter. You must ensure not to fill the mould full and fill it only half the mould. Reason being , another layer of batter you need to add over the egg stuffing

Stuffed Egg Idli

Place the egg masala stuffing in the middle of the idli moulds

Take the egg stuffing in the bowl. You should place the egg stuffing in the center of each mould. Please ensure you place the egg masala as center as possible.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Cover the egg masala stuffing with idli batter 

After you place the stuffing to the idli, spread another layer of idli batter over the stuffing. So that you cover the entire egg  masala stuffing with the idli batter.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Cook the egg stuffed idlis for ten mins

Turn on the stove and place the idli cooker on it. You must now place the idli moulds into the cooker and close the lid.

Let the egg stuffed idli to cook for ten minutes on the stove in the medium heat

Stuffed Egg Idli

Make sure idli is cooked well

You can test if the idli is cooked well by running through egg stuffed  idli with the knife. If the knife is clean the idli is cooked well.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Remove the stainless steel Idli moulds

You must now remove the idli moulds out of the idli cooker and place it to cool down by itself for sometime. 

Stuffed Egg idli

Serve the egg stuffed idlis

The scrumptious egg stuffed idlis are ready to be served with hot kurma. Sambhar is one of the best accompaniment for idlis and you can also serve it with hot delicious sambar as well.  If you can also try potato stuffed idlis with potato masala if you want to break the monotony and give twists to the regular breakfast.

Stuffed Egg Idli

Fundamental tips for trouble free recipe of Stuffed Egg idli

Even for the simplest recipes, it is essential to know the essential tips for successful cooking. I am sharing some of the key tips i always follow to have a good cooking experience

1. Keep all the ingredients handy

Before you start cooking, keep all the ingredients in one place. This makes cooking more efficient and you won’t forget adding them to the cooking

2. Cooking on medium flame

Always prepare the vegetable sagu on a medium flame. If you keep it at a high flame, the masala will burn and give egg scrambled masala a bitter taste.

3. Garnish with Coriander leaves 

Once all the process is done in making a sambhar, garnish it with coriander leaves. Aroma from coriander leaves is so good and also helps in the digestion. Many of the indian dishes uses curry leaves and coriander leaves for aroma and health benefits.

4. Allow idli to cool on its own

Always allow the idli to cool down on its own. When you try to take the idlis from the moulds before it is completely cooled down. There are lot of chances for the idli not to slid easily off the mould.

5. Fill half the mould with idli batter

Please ensure that you do not fill the idli mould to the brim. Because you will place layer of batter again after you place the stuffing. After steaming, the idlis will rise, so, make sure you leave a little space for them to rise

6. Keep the stuffing as center as possible

Place the stuffing as center as possible in the mould so that the stuffing is not seen on the outside of the idli. You must see the stuffing only when its cut into half 

I am sure it must have been a amazing experience learning the yummy recipe of Egg Stuffed idli. Please feel free to ask questions and add your comments in the section below. I will be happy to hear and respond.