Modakam Recipe for Beginners is a very quick yet tasty recipe to make. They are nothing but the fried dumplings with sweet stuffing made of jaggery and grated coconut. 

In my current blog. I would like to share the delicious recipe of fried modak for the first-timer.  Modaks can be steamed and also fried with the same stuffing inside. 

Modak is a very special sweet dish made for Ganesh Chaturthi. They are also made on many other special occasions and festivals in India. They are very simple to prepare yet delicious 

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

How to make Modakam Recipe for Beginners

All you need to make modak is a few ingredients like coconut, jaggery, and wheat flour. You can do wonders with these simple ingredients and turn them into a beautiful sweet snack. Let us get started with the simple steps to make fried sweet dumplings or Modak.

Time and utensils required for Modakam Recipe for Beginners

Let us understand all the different utensils for making the Fried Modak recipe. It is also important to know the time takes to make the recipe.  This will help you will understand how simple the recipe is.



Vessel to make the dough

Mixer to grind the stuffing

spatula to fry the Modak


20 Minutes

TIME to make the dough

10 minutes – rice flour and rolling 

TIME TO make Stuffing and FRY THE DOUGH


Ingredients for Modakam Recipe for Beginners

Fried Modak needs very few ingredients to make. These ingredients would be available in any Indian kitchen. However, it is always a good habit to keep all the ingredients handy to avoid running around in the kitchen

Modakam Recipe for Beginners


wheat flour- 1 cup

1 cup shredded coconut

1 cup – Jaggery

Cardamom Pods – 4 or 5 

2 tablespoons sesame seeds

250 ml – Vegetable oil

Complete procedure for Modakam Recipe for Beginners

The recipe is so simple and quick. You can finish making these wonderful modaks quickly and serve your guests in no time. I am sure you would love to make it again and again especially for the kids Let us get started with a simple step by step procedure for easy understanding. I am sure you will love the recipe.

1. Place the frying pan on the stove

Place the frying pan on the stove and keep it on a medium flame. Ensure the flame is not high as it will burn the ingredients. 

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

2. Roast the sesame seeds until light brown

When the pan is hot enough, you must now add one tablespoon of sesame seeds. Now fry the sesame seeds until they become light brown. 

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

3. Cool the sesame seeds once roasted

Let the sesame seeds cool down on its own before we use it for further processing. 

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

4.Add the cardamom pods to the mixer jar

You must now take a Mixer jar and add ingredients one by one to make the stuffing for the modak. Firstly add five cardamom pods to the Mixer jar.

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

5.Add roasted sesame seeds to the mixer jar

Now you must add the slightly roasted sesame seeds to the Mixer jar

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

6.Add chopped fresh coconut

Then take a cup of chopped fresh coconut. Add the chopped fresh coconut as well to the mixer jar.

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

7.Add jaggery to the jar

Finally, you must add one cup of Jaggery to the mixer Jar.

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

8.Grind all ingredients to make the stuffing

You must now grind them all together to get aromatic and delicious wet coconut jaggery stuffing, So now the stuffing of the Modak is done. You are done with one of the two important parts of the recipe.

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

9.Add hot water to the wheat flour

Take a cup of wheat flour in a large bowl. Now you must slowly add hot water to the flour and constantly mix the flour to make the wheat dough.

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

10.Add salt to taste

You must now add salt to taste while mixing the dough.

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

11.Mix wheat flour well to make a nice dough

It should be in the consistency of the roti or chapati dough. Make sure to add the right amount of water to avoid the dough becoming sticky.

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

12.Roll the dough into small balls

You now roll the dough into small balls. Make small balls with the entire dough and keep them aside to roll them flat.

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

13.Apply oil on the polythene paper

Apply oil to the polythene paper. This will help the dough come off the paper easily from the polythene paper after it has been flattened. 

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

14. Flatten the round dough balls

Place the small dough ball on the polythene paper and flatten it with the help of the fingers. 

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

15. Place the modak stuffing in the center

You now place the modak stuffing in the center.

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

16. Fold the dough around the stuffing to make a modak

Now you can fold the dough around the stuffing to make a Modak

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

17. Fold the remaining dough to make the moulds

Once you have the modak ready. You can repeat the same for the rest of the dough. Keep all the modaks aside. 

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

18. Add oil to the Kadai or wok

Now add the vegetable oil or any oil of your choice to the Kadai. Keep the Kadai on medium flame. 

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

19.Deep fry the modaks in the oil

You must drop all the modaks slowly into the hot oil and deep fry them slowly in the oil. 

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

20.Remove once the modaks turn into golden brown

The modaks will turn golden brown after some time. Now you must now remove them slowly and place it in the plate.

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

21.Serve deep-fried tasty and delicious Modaks

Crispy and Delicious Modaks are ready to serve. You can also steam the modaks and it’s yet another interesting sweet recipe made with similar ingredients. 

Modakam Recipe for Beginners

Essential Tips for Modakam Recipe for Beginners

It is very important to follow some tips while cooking. It will help you make a flawless dish and also gives an effortless cooking experience.

Consistency of wheat dough

You must add hot water slowly to the wheat flour and mix it until the dough is of the roti dough consistency. Do not add excess water as the dough becomes soggy and sticky.

Maintain the medium flame

You must maintain a medium flame while frying the modak. So that the modaks does not turn brown sooner. The outer layer cooks faster while the inner doesn’t when the flame is high.

Modak dough to be thin

You must roll the dough or flatten the dough thin and not thick. This way you can ensure that the modak is fried and cooked well and sooner. 

Use Healthy Flour

You can make the fried modak with all-purpose flour. However, I have used wheat flour to avoid processed flours and make a healthy sweet dish.

Apply oil on the polythene paper

Apply oil to the polythene paper. This will help the dough come off the paper easily from the polythene paper after it has been flattened. 

Roast the Sesame Seeds in Medium Heat

You must ensure to keep the flame in medium heat while roasting the sesame seeds. Otherwise, it will burn the sesame seeds and make the stuffing bitter.

I hope you had an amazing experience learning the recipe of Fried Modak. Please try the recipe and share your experiences about the recipe in the comment section below. I will be glad to know