Different Types of Pulihora is something I have always enjoyed making for different occasions. As i believe that variety is the spice of life. Pulihora is quite commonly made dish for any auspicious occasions and festivals in South India. 

In the current blog, I would like to share 13 exciting types of pulihora. You can make and amaze your family each variety on different occasions and also on a regular day as well. 

Pulihora is very popular in the South Indian States like Andhra, Telangana, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. It is also called as “Puliyodarai” , Tamarind Rice and also “Puliyogare“.  

Different Types of Pulihora

Ready to know the different types of Pulihora ?

Pulihora always reminds me of festivals. This is a must have dish in every festival . It becomes very interesting when you try to make many twists and variations instead of making regular pulihora. There are 13 interesting different types of pulihora that I had tried and relished on various occasions. Pulihora can be made not only with rice but also with vermicelli, flattened rice, puffed rice, semolina etc. Let us get  to know each type of Pulihora and am sure you will enjoy learning them.



11. RAVA PULIHORA                   or SEMOLINA PULIHORA

1.  Nimmakaya Pulihora

This is also called as the lemon rice which is a very simple and easy recipe. Lemon is the main ingredient in the pulihora to give the tangy taste to the rice. This pulihora is often made on a regular days as well. If you have leftover rice this is something you must definitely try.

You can make with regular rice or basmati rice then temper with mustard seeds, urad dal, channa dal, red chillies and roasted peanuts. Finally flavor with lemon to give the tangy taste. Potato fry is the best accompaniment to the Lemon pulihora.

Different Types of Pulihora

2. Chintapandu Pulihora

This pulihora is made of Tamarind , spices and curry leaves. Generally pulihora can be made of any main ingredient that is tangy. This is made as a main dish in many festivals in Andhra and Telangana. This is also served as prasadam in many  temples even in TamilNadu. Pulihora is basically very simple recipes which anyone can try who is not very experienced in cooking also. You can also add some roasted cashews to enhance the taste of pulihora

Different Types of Pulihora

3. Dabbakaya Pulihora

This pulihora is made with grapefruit. It tastes very similar to lemon rice as dabbakaya or grapefruit is very similar to lemon but it is bigger in size. It has both sour and sweet taste. This is also very popular in Andhra Pradesh. We generally make many rice varieties like tomato rice, coconut rice etc. but this is very special as it is made for special occasions.  It is a very simple and easy recipe that can be make in few mins and simple ingredients.

Different Types of Pulihora

4. Ragi Semiya Pulihora

This is pulihora made of ragi vermicelli or finger millet semiya and lemon with the tempering spices and curry leaves. Vermicelli pulihora is also very simple and easy to make and you can add lemon  to get the tangy taste. You can prepare the same way the normal vermicelli is done.  Ragi semiya pulihora is one of the best breakfasts you can make for the family. Its is a very diabetic friendly food and has many nutritional benefits as well.

Different Types of Pulihora

5. Marmarala Pulihora

This pulihora is made of puffed rice. Puffed rice pulihora is quite popular in the rayalaseema region of Andhra. As i am hailing from this region, this is one of the favorite breakfast of the family.  You can soak the Puffed rice in the water and squeeze out then temper wiith spices, roasted peanuts and curry leaves. Then add lemon to give the tangy taste. It does not take much time to prepare this breakfast. It a very light yet filling dish which you can also be serve as the snack as well.

Different Types of Pulihora

6.  Semiya Pulihora

This pulihora is made of vermicelli. Semiya upma is very common breakfasts in many South India. You can make the variation of Vermicelli upma to turn into the pulihora. You can either use lemon or tamarind juice to add the tangy taste. Otherwise it was very much similar to how you make the vermicelli upma. You can also add the roasted cashews to enhance the flavor.  

Different Types of Pulihora

7. Quinoa Pulihora

This pulihora is made with quinoa which has many health benefits. It is gluten free, high in fiber, had lots of proteins and minerals. Instead of using the regular rice in pulihora you can add quinoa to make it more healthy. If you are a weight watcher, this is a must try recipe. You can make the pulihora in the very South Indian style by adding lemon or tamarind along with quinoa. This will taste as good as the regular lemon pulihora or the tamarind pulihora

Different Types of Pulihora

8. Mamidikaya Pulihora

This pulihora is made using mango. To add the tanginess mango works as the main ingredient. Unlike other pulihora we dont have to use lemon or tamarind as the mango itself has enough tanginess. You can grate the mango and saute with different spices and curry leaves. You made the mango pulihora with rice, vermicelli, puffed rice etc. This is a simple and delicious you can make for the Ugadi festival as mango plays an symbolic role. 

 Different Types of Pulihora    

9. Chintachiguru Pulihora 

This pulihora is made of chinta chiguru or tender tamarind leaves. Usually pulihora is made using lemon or tamarind here, interesting part is that the tamarind leaves also has the tanginess in them. This will enhance the flavor of the pulihora. This type is pulihora is very famous in the Andhra Pradesh. Tamarind leaves tastes good when eaten raw as well. I have very good memories of eating the leaves in my mother’s hometown. You can also use in making dhal and mutton curry to make it more tasty.

 Different Types of Pulihora

10.  Usirikaya Pulihora

This is another interesting pulihora which is made using gooseberry instead of lemon or tamarind. You can substitute with any ingredient that can make it tangy to the pulihora. You can grate the gooseberry and saute with spices n curry leaves. Then mix them with soft and fluffy white rice or basmati rice.

Gooseberries are rich in Vitamin C .  You can also use them in making pickles and chutney and quite popular in Andhra Pradesh. Gooseberries brings back the memories again of getting them in bulk during the season from the gooseberry garden

Different Types of Pulihora

11. Rava Pulihora

You can use Rava as another exciting ingredient in making pulihora like tamarind pulihora. You can also use lemon or mango or gooseberry to make it tangy. This is very similar to the rava upma that is quite popular breakfast. This is a very easy recipe and you can cook in 10 mins and you can serve as breakfast or snack. You can also add loads of vegetables to make it a complete meal

Different Types of Pulihora

12. Broken Wheat Pulihora

This pulihora another healthier version of Pulihora. Most preferred by people in the weight loss journey. This is also a type of sooji from the wheat which will be darker in color than the regular sooji or semolina. Broken wheat can also called as Samba Rava which makes the meal very filling. You can make this pulihora with lemon juice to taste the best. 


Different Types of Pulihora

13. Atukula Pulihora

This pulihora is made from the flattened rice and lemon. You can soak the flattened rice in water and then squeeze them immediately and keep aside. Then you can temper with spices and curry leaves. Roasted peanuts is another important crunchy ingredient to enhance the taste. Its a very good quick snack box recipe and kids would love to eat them.

Different Types of Pulihora

Hope you have good time knowing the innovative different types of Pulihora. I will add more to the list as I try some new varieties. You may also let me know if you had tried any new variety of pulihora in the comment section below. I would be happy to know