Boorelu Recipes are traditionally recipe which is prepared with jaggery, dhal, and coconut stuffing. It is then dipped into the rice and urad dhal batter and deep-fried in vegetable oil. It can be served in the main course and also as an evening snack.

In my current blog, I would like to share 4 exciting Boorelu recipes This recipe is also common in Tamilnadu and called with a different name “Suyyam”. As “Sugiyan” in Karnataka and It is also called Poornalu in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Recipes of Boorelu remind us of the important festivals in Andhra and Telangana. Most of the festivals in Andhra and Telangana are not complete without this recipe. Boorelu is also made for special occasions like weddings and other family functions.

Boorelu Recipes

4 Delectable Boorelu Recipes

While there is a traditional way of making the boorelu, there can many variations made to the boorelu recipe. The main ingredient for the boorelu is the sweet dhal, jaggery stuffing inside the boorelu. You could use channa dhal, moong dhal, and any other dhal to bring in different variations. Let us the different interesting types of boorelu that I tried and my family enjoyed eating them as a snack.

Kobbari boorelu

Kobbari boorelu is very similar to Arisalu or Athirsam because of the method of preparation, taste is all similar. The main difference between the two is fresh coconut is added to the kobbari boorelu. Secondly, excess oil is not squeezed out from the kobbari boorelu. While we do this for Arisalu.

Kobbari Boorelu recipe is a very easy and fast snack recipe.  It takes some time to get the wet rice flour while the rest of the process is very less time-consuming. It needs very few ingredients too yet a very tasty recipe.  I have explained them in detail step by step simple process for you to follow.

You must prepare the wet rice flour first and then the jaggery syrup. Once this is ready it is a very simple and fast recipe to make the delicious kobbari boorelu.

Boorelu Recipes

Maida Boorelu Recipe

A captivating recipe of boorelu with maida. It is usually made for special occasions and festivals like Ganesh Chathurthi. Delicious stuffing made with boiled dhal, coconut, and jaggery is coated in the maida or on-purpose flour. It is then deep-fried in the oil. 

Maida boorelu is also called as Poornam boorelu. It is a very authentic Andhra sweet dish and prepared on auspicious occasions. There are many varieties of boorelu with different outer covers or different stuffing. However, boorelu with maida is very commonly made boorelu.

The recipe to make the boorelu to maida is a very simple and easy recipe. It needs very few ingredients and you will be surprised to see how effortlessly boorelu can be done.

Boorelu Recipes


Biyyam Pindi Boorelu Recipe

Biyyam Pindi boorelu is very similar to Kobbari Boorelu because of the method of preparation, taste is all similar. The main difference between fresh coconut is not added to the biyyam pindi boorelu and no need to soak rice to make flour. Secondly, not need to maintain the right consistency in jaggery syrup.

Biyyam pindi boorelu is a fried dough sweet snack made with few simple ingredients instantly. You will be surprised to know how effortlessly this recipe can be made when you read the complete blog. It’s super easy, super quick, and super tasty. I am sure this will be one of the favorite snack recipes for your kids.

You must prepare the jaggery syrup first. Once this is ready it is a very simple and fast recipe to make the delicious biyyam pindi boorelu just by mixing the flour.

Boorelu Recipes

Pesarpappu Boorelu

This is another interesting alternate boorelu recipe with an interesting variation. Basically, the pesarappu boorelu is made of moong dhal, jaggery, and coconut.  This is similar to the maida Pindi boorelu. Instead of dipping the dal in maida batter, you will have to use the rice and urad flour.

Another interesting step is you need to steam the moong dhal-like patties. Then crumble them to mix jaggery and coconut to make the dhal stuffing. You need to then dip the dhal balls into the rice urad batter. Deep fry them in oil to serve them as a snack or main course. 

Once make the moong dhal stuffing ready, you will be surprised at how quickly this boorelu is made so effortlessly.


I am sure you must have enjoyed knowing various boorelu recipes. You must have tried different varieties. Please do share your experience in the comments section below and I will be happy to know.